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The Moon Rise...

par Les hirondelles 8 Octobre 2010, 07:26 Poèmes et musique en traduction

The Moon Rise par Liêm Phó Nhòm

The Moon Rise

by Jagman

Close your eyes and
Open your imagination
Listen carefully to the
Sound of our love
Rising high above

Watch the moon rise
Feel the heat inside
Let our hearts collide

As the taste of you lingers
And the sight of you makes
Me quiver I know I have found
My destiny knowing that it is
Just you and me

Watch the moon rise
Sensing heaven in the skies
We feel so high
Watching the moon rise

Only in the USA par Liêm Phó Nhòm

Only in the USA

This is a huge stack of pancakes. The deal is if you could finish this without having to go to the vomitorium*, you only have to pay $4.99. I bet you won't have to eat breakfast for many days after this one.

envoyé... par Toubib46


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